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At Sashafé, the soul of our principles goes beyond Fashion. We are not only a Luxury brand but also an ethical, sustainable and responsible coterie that helds it’s high values at it’s very core.

Capturing a dream, our Founder, has not only built an inimitable assay of Fashion, but also been a torchbearer for encouraging Fair Trade, where we ensure all our employees are paid fairly and no human rights are abused or exploited in the making of this luxurious fashion brand.

Sashafé is an enduring ode to undefined possibilities, breakthrough triumph and liberty from clichèd stereotypical interpretation of medical professionals.

Sashafé is a result ballooning to provide employment to low socio economic community with a vision to keeping the colossal effect of unemployment rate of artists, designers, seamstresses and more at record lows. Though our prices have been dismissed as frivolous, we argue the tradition of low cost labour and dare to differ, ensuring practice of fair payments to the hands that have been the building blocks of Sashafé. Sashafé is not without its team!


Dr Sana Farista
Dr. Sana Farista, the Laser Lady of India, interviewed by Forbes India (Top 100 influential Women in India) is a Pioneer in Laser Dentistry, has introduced and popularized the use of Lasers in India since more than a decade now. She not only has her Laser practice at India’s First exclusive Laser Lounge at Bandra West, Mumbai but also has been training the dentist in Laser Dentistry world wide.

She is Head of Department (HOD) at Maharashtra University and is also the manufacturer for Laser Modalities.

She is the Founder and Investor for India’s First Designer Medical Wear Brand – *Sashafé – Luxury for Healing Hands* with her sister Dr. Shanin Farista as a Co-founder, marking their brand presence in International Market world wide from Day One.

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